Eminem understands the importance of longevity, as he has proven time and again by celebrating his album anniversaries whenever they hit major milestones. For Recovery, his seventh studio album and one of his major stylistic departures, that milestone came on June 18th, the project's tenth anniversary.

Eminem Recovery

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

Boasting singles like 'Not Afraid," the Lil Wayne-assisted "No Love," and the Rihanna-assisted "Love The Way You Lie," the album continues to be a major contributor to Slim’s mainstream appeal. Its themes of overcoming adversity have also resonated with a wide variety of fans, making Recovery one of the most accessible Eminem albums of his career. Yesterday, Em decided to reward his loyal supporters by unveiling a limited-edition 24-hour merch run, which can be accessed at his official store right here.

The capsule features two different shirt options, a white and black variant; the former has the lyrics of "Not Afraid" penned on the back, while the latter features a sizeable Recovery logo in its stead. While you browse -- and potential buyers should know that the clock is ticking -- Em has also provided one of the album's most unexpected promotional drops: an infomercial starring Vince Offer of "Slap Chop" fame. Check that out for yourself below, and sound off in the comments -- have you ever copped any of Em's anniversary merchandise?