It seems Eminem turned down a leading role in the upcoming Hollywood science fiction film "Elysium" because his native city of Detroit wasn't chosen as the film's primary location. The lead role was instead given to Matt Damon, who was actually director Neil Blomkamp’s third choice. South African rapper Ninja of Die Antwoord (who was Blomkamp’s first choice) also turned down the role due to its location.

Marshall is in no rush to return to Hollywood, though, as he made clear in a recent interview with Rap Fix.

"There are some things in the [works], a couple of scripts," he explained. "I guess it's more so of just waiting now to see how they come together. Obviously it's gotta be something that I feel is dope enough to make me want to say, 'OK, let me put the mic down for a second and go do this movie.' There are some things that are in the works. I guess we'll just see how they come together."

That's all for now. "Elysium" hits theatres on August 9th. Peep a trailer for the film below: