Carhartt's flagship store in Detroit will soon carry a new clothing line. Eminem is unveiling new gear in partnership with the company. His clothing line, E13, will release brand new clothes next Monday.

Launched in collaboration with Carhartt last year, E13 will drop a black hoodie, black T-shirt and black knit cap. The E13 logo will be branded on the items. It consists of an anvil overlaid on Detroit area code 313 with one 3 in reverse  -- as in E for Eminem.

The Detroit News reports profits will be donated through Em’s Marshall Mathers Foundation and Michigan State University’s Verses Project, helping the city's children learn how to write songs and produce music.

The E13 line was first sold in limited release at the Carhartt store on Black Friday in 2016. The new gear will go on sale in Detroit exclusively at the Carhartt store on Cass near Wayne State University at 11 a.m. on March 13.