With his upcoming album Revival set to officially drop on December 15th, Eminem continues to make moves. The veteran rapper made a rare foray onto his Instagram page, throwing up an image and tagging StockX, a self-proclaimed buyer & seller of sneakers. In the picture, Eminem can be been conversing with an eager gentleman, holding a pair of Blue Air Jordan IVs. It has been noted that the Jordans bear a striking resemblance to the Encore Air Jordan IV's the rapper dropped back in 2006. Like its predecessor, these new sneakers feature a black and royal blue design, with the addition of a lighter gray border on the heel, wingtip, and mid-sole.

While it's unclear whether or not Marshall is looking to once again enter the shoe game, it should be noted that the rapper previously linked up with Jordan to rework three different sneakers, including the Air Jordan 2 and two variations of the IV; apparently, the IV is Eminem's alleged favorite footwear. Still, does this mean Eminem is preparing his latest sneaker for a wide mainstream release? It would make sense, considering his album will no doubt prove a commercial favorite, and the Shady Records team are certainly a savvy bunch of marketers. Remember, everything Eminem puts on his social media is generally pretty calculated, so it wouldn't be surprising to see something further come of this. 

Stay tuned for more news on the latest Em-endorsed sneakers, and remember, Revival is set to drop officially on December 15th.