Few can dispute that Eminem had a massive 2018 campaign. Though his 2017 album Revival found him taking a few lumps, the legendary rapper returned to the studio with a renewed sense of piss and vinegar. The result was Kamikaze, an album many fans dubbed a "return to form," though certain critics still felt compelled to tarnish the man's legacy. In any case, it's all water under the bridge for Eminem, who has decided to capitalize on his momentum. Em recently took to Instagram to tease a few upcoming Australian & New Zealand based "Rapture" tour dates, set to pop off during the new year.

The five-stadium tour will take place in late February and Early March, with stops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Perth, and Wellington. Check out the full dates below, courtesy of Eminem's website:

Brisbane – 20 February 2019
Sydney – 22 February 2019
Melbourne – 24 February 2019
Perth – 27 February 2019
Wellington – 02 March 2019

For those fans still hoping for a North American tour, do not despair. It's entirely possible that Em decides to widen the scope of his itinerary, especially with an abundance of festivals in the mix. Salute to the Australian Em fans out there!