Following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre, who played a large role in Eminem’s breakout, Slim Shady plays an integral role in creating music not just for himself, but other artists signed to Shady Records.  While it’s well-known that Em has played been well involved in the production of Slaughterhouse’s welcome to: Our House, he also revealed in an interview with Channel 955 in Detroit, that he is underway on his next solo effort, (from HipHopDX) “I actually started my album.”

Marshall hasn’t fully immersed in his next album, as he is still putting the finishing touches on Slaughterhouse’s LP, which was recently pushed back a few weeks, “"But I haven’t fully went in yet because I’ve been finishing up this Slaughterhouse record.” The Detroit legend said he’s been very “hands on” for this project, “I've kind of been really hands-on with this album for the past year. This has kinda been a pet project for me. I've kind of been executive producing, producing, co-producing, mixing—very hands-on with it and just really involved. We’re actually finishing up today. We’re handing the album in today." 

Just as Dre worked with him, Em played an integral part in 50 Cent’s development in the rap game.  Shady mentioned how the two are close even outside of business, “[E]ver since we started making music with Fif, it was always like a mutual respect thing and we became friends outside of the music.”

The Shady Records honcho then praised 50 for his business savvy, showing the respect he has for the G-Unit leader, "50 is very big on the business aspects of his career. I would consider him a smart businessman. Not saying that I’m not, but I don’t get into as much of the technical aspect in the business sense.”

Unfortunately, Eminem did not elaborate on when his solo album would be released.