Eminem's Revival rollout has ultimately turned out to be rather anticlimatic, as heavy implications from hinted toward a November 17th release. However, when midnight came and Em's ninth album was nowhere to be seen, fans quickly realized that something was amiss, and desperately hoped that Slim would reveal something about the project on his interview with Lord Sear and DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45. Around 1PM, Em rolled through to the studio with manager Paul Rosenberg, Denaun Porter, and Alchemist, and began what ultimately turned out to be an uninformative interview. While there were some moments of humor throughout, conversation didn't exactly center around the album. In fact, Paul seemed to deflect any questions about the project, even when Em actually showed signs of opening up.

Still, there were a few lessons to be learned. When asked about Rick Rubin's involvement, Em confessed that he had produced "three or four songs," and, in what might disappoint a few people revealed that Dre's involvement was generally on the engineering side of things. Em never specifically mentioned that Dre produced any songs, but claimed that he "mixed a few records." And while Dre is an excellent engineer, it would have been nice to know that Dre was actually contributing a beat or two, for old time's sake. 

Em does shower some massive praise on longtime collaborator Skylar Grey, whom he dubs "one of the most amazing writers." And while Rick Rubin previously claimed that Eminem was "frustrated by Mumble Rap," Em takes a little bit of time to share his thoughts on the current generation of hip hop. He claims to be caught up on all the recent acts, and praises "the sound and the way people are playing with flows and shit like that...I try to stay up on everything that's out." Does that mean we can expect Eminem featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Pump on Revival? 

Check out some audio from the interview, and stay tuned for Revival, whenever it does drop.