Pushed back a couple hours later than the first 3 installments, Part 4 in Eminem’s in-depth conversation with Sway has finally surfaced online. After addressing his beefs with Joe Budden & MGK, the latter of which he responded to on Friday with “Killshot,” Em talked about the so-called shot fans think he sent at Drake on the song “Fall,” but Em says it’s not at Drake.

“Naw here’s the thing. Drake will always be in my good graces because he did something for one of my daughters that I will never forget, and he will always be in my graces,” Em said about Drizzy, “I like Drake. What Im telling you with these lines is I don't know whats real and whats not at this point.”

Em then transitioned the Drake talk into ghostwriting, saying he doesn't use it. “hip-hop was the most important thing that empowered me as a kid.” “It made me feel powerful,” he added.

In addition to that, Em also talked about the Grammy’s, D12, Joyner Lucas, and more. Speaking on the Grammy’s and not attending, Em said…. “Im fine if I lose to someone like Kanye, who ‘ok, I respect that, I know who that is. And Kanye He's got a huge following and made a massive impact on music’. Fine, Im good with that. But don't get us all here to use your selling point for your fucking show and stiff everybody every fuckin' time. And I said after that point of time I was like ‘don’t ever ask me to fucking come here again. Please do not ask me, me answer is no’.”

Check out the informative, 17-minute chat (below).