Have you ever seen Eminem crack a smile for a photo? Think long and hard because going through an entire gallery of Eminem photos, it's pretty difficult to locate one where he's not looking like somebody just kicked his dog. The iconic rapper was generous enough to lend his time to Logic during their tour date in Hawaii, chopping it up with Bobby and making his day in the process. Even there though, Eminem was not smiling at all. Somebody noticed that the man just generally looks grumpy all the time so they decided to have some fun with a photo editing software, making him grin with all his teeth showing. The results were terrifying, to say the least.

Mike Brown, a Canadian artist, likes to have some fun with artist's photos, adding smiles to them to make them appear cheerier. When he experimented with Eminem's pics, people were glad that the man doesn't actually smile in real life. Much of Em's allure is the fact that he's menacing as hell in his lyrics and in person. If you cross him, you know that he'll destroy you in his lyrics. If he doesn't succeed there, you better watch your back. He wouldn't be able to accurately portray that person if he smiled at all, would he?

The doctored images have been circulating around the internet and people can't believe their eyes. What do you think?