Eminem's tour of Australia has been eventful, to say the least. The venerable Hip-Hop megastar is attracting record crowds decades into his illustrious career. This past week we reported the incidence of a little hate-mongering at Em's Brisbane concert. As the crowd jeered the Detroit-born rapper to perform "Killshot" but he kindly rejected. "I would but I don't want to give that cocksucker any more fuc*ing light," he exclaimed. "Make some noise for your-fuc*in-selves and make nothing for MGK."

Then a few days later Eminem pops in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia, for the grandest concert on his Rapture 2019 tour. Video of the 81 thousand Em fans singing along to "Lose Yourself" is only beginning to make its way across the Oceanic barrier. At one point, Em just stood smack center of the stage in disbelief, exclaiming, "this is the most people I’ve ever seen in one place in my f*cking life."

As the Herald Sun is reporting, Eminem sold 80,708 tickets for the record Melbourne concert, staged in a giant Cricket stadium (MCG), ultimately besting the venue's attendance record by the slimmest of margins: 200 tickets sold.

The previous record was held by a host of artists who lent their singing voices to a Sound Relief charity concert over a decade ago. Incidentally, this record event also marks the 20th anniversary of The Slim Shady LP, the project that broke Marshall and all his alter-egos to the masses.