Eminem's Revival left fans divided; this we know. Yet one unanimous conclusion seemed to resonate. The Relapse-esque "Framed" stood out as an obvious highlight. Driven by a sinister, horror-film instrumental from Fred Wreck, Em ditched the pop sensibilities for a return to his evil roots. With lyrics highlighting a twisted tale of murder most foul, Em gave Relapse fans a much needed dose of nostalgia. And while his previous singles "Nowhere Fast" and "River" seem more tailored for radio play, the upcoming "Framed" visuals appear to be a full-fledged foray into Em's maniacal mind. 

Today, Em has taken to Twitter to unveil the video's trailer. Shades of "3 AM" are immediately conjured, with no shortage of blood-spatter. Easter eggs are abundant, with mannequins, "Stan," pill bottles, and handwritten "3 AM" notes all making an appearance. In fact, it's kind of strange to see Em revisiting this direction, especially after seeming to denounce Relapse on wax. Perhaps this bodes well for all of us looking for a return to his more macabre, accent-laden direction.

Unfortunately, there's no telling when the "Framed" video will drop, but it shouldn't be far off now. In the meantime, Em continues to promote Revival, and will be headlining a series of festivals this summer. Are ya'll happy to see Em blow the dust off his murder kit, or nah?