Eminem's presence has certainly been felt this November, and come this Friday, November 17th, Em's buzz is only going to increase. With his new album set to drop in three days, Em continues to enjoy the success of his recent single "Walk On Water," which has scored over 18 million Youtube views in a mere three days. While the song opened to mixed reviews, it's evident that Em still has more star power than most of his compatriots, and Revival will no doubt prove yet another commercial success for the prolific rapper. Suffice it to say, Em's been making musical moves this months, but as it turns out, he's also been working on securing that real estate bag.

Well, sort of. According to the Daily Mail, Em recently sold his Detroit mansion for a staggering $1.9 million dollars. However, when Em first copped the mansion in 2003, the original price was $4.75 million. Ultimately, he ended up taking a financial loss, but let's be honest, $1.9 million is no laughing matter, even for somebody as wealthy as Eminem. Apparently, the mansion includes five bedrooms (reasonable by mansion standards), a tennis and basketball court, a swimming pool, and a cabana. Judging from the pictures below, it's certainly a beautiful house, and the owner looks to have gotten it for a decent price, all things considered. 

Apparently, Eminem "rarely lived in" the mansion, which might explain his decision to sell. The Daily Mail also suggests that Em spends the majority of his time living in his "other estate" nearby. Now, take a second to marvel at the fact that "estates" is plural. For the record, Eminem is worth an estimated $190 million dollars, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him surpass the $200 million mark in the wake of Revival's release. In the mean time, sound off below - are ya'll hyped for some new Eminem?