Much of Eminem's lyrics revolve around his troubled childhood growing up in Detroit with his mom. Now the house Em grew up in, which is featured on the cover art for the Marshall Mathers LP, is up for sale.

Michigan Land Bank has listed the home at 19946 Dresden St. for sale on their website and they are accepting bids for it. Their doesn't appear to be a minimum bid required, if you're interested, the parcel number is 21034756. Property records obtained by MLive Detroit show that the home has been owned by the bank since October 5th, 2012. 

Records also show that the property has ran through 10 different owners since it was sold by Deborah Mathers, Em's mother, in 1994. However, records indicate that Debbie Mathers, now going by Debbie Nelson, was still the property owner from March 1992 to April 2003.

Eminem is currently prepping MMLPII for release on November 5th. Listen to his new single "Berzerk" below.