Eminem is a very private person, and he keeps his life tightly under wraps at all times. It's not often he strays from his native Detroit, and when he does, it's for a reason, i.e., tours or an important interview-- he rarely does interviews. So when Eminem's backstage tour rider for South Africa somehow hit the web, we jumped at the chance to find out what Em's demands are.

He doesn't seem like a high-maintenance celebrity, and indeed, his backstage tour rider seems relatively humble compared to some tour riders we've heard of (for example, Beyonce requires her room temperature to be exactly 72 degrees, and there must be all-white furniture).

According to channel24, Eminem has an alcohol-free backstage, which is no surprise as the talented rapper has been sober for several years now. Em apparently requires only the finest of pickles backstage, asking for the German brand Gundelsheim. The lyrical MC also requires low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, jumbo shrimps and Swiss mild cheddar cheese. Em also asks for dumbbells to be backstage, should he feel the need to work out.

The South Africa tour kicks off in Cape Town on February 26th.

Eminem recently appeared on the cover of XXL magazine, alongside Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.