The Marshall Mathers LP, the third studio album from legendary rapper Eminem, was released twenty years ago this week and, to celebrate, the Detroit star dropped his phone number for fans to interact with him. In addition to that, he's also rolling out a brand new merch offering, including a hoodie that commemorates the 20-year release of "Stan."

Nowadays, the term has been adopted by super-fans of recording artists but, originally, Stan was just the name of one of Eminem's most devoted supporters. He did everything to be like the rapper, writing him letters, dyeing his hair blonde, and lining the walls of his room with photos of Marshall. The song is one of his most popular joints ever and, today, he's unveiling some new apparel for his very own stans.

"I'm in the live chat for #MMLP20 tomorrow at 3 PM ET and we're droppin this hoodie for the Stans," wrote Slim Shady on the 'gram. "Text my number to get first access and an update on the live chat 313-666-7440."

The black hoodie has large contrasting lettering going across the torso and spelling out "STAN", with the words "Sincerely Yours" and an anniversary celebration just above the pocket. On the sleeve, there is a small red block of lyrics. 

Are you planning on copping this?