Ever since Em made the decision to embrace the ubiquity of social media, a notion he previously struggled with on "So Far," his IG page has made for a consistent source of entertainment. After all, given his occasionally self-deprecating nature, it's endearing to see Em showcase some pride in his accomplishments; after all, the man's legacy is held in high regard by his fans, and rightfully so. We've already shown our appreciation for the 8 Mile Original Soundtrack, which featured Em embodying the B-Rabbit persona on a musical level, namely on "8 Mile Road," "Lose Yourself," and "Rabbit Run." Yet his turn behind the camera deserves equal praise, as Em surprised the masses with some respectable chops.

When 8 Mile dropped on November 8th, 2002 (one day ago), it brought Em's come-up story to the general public. A biopic of sorts, albeit stylized, 8 Mile showcased the world of Battle-Rap to many unfamiliar with the artform. Characters like Rabbit, Poppa Doc, and the hapless Cheddar Bob became lyrical reference points still evoked today. It's been a minute since I've watched the movie, but I remember catching this one in theatres, during the arguable height of Eminem's artistic peak (he came off The Eminem Show and 8 Mile OST in 2002). A memorable hip-hop film, and something for Em to be proud of.