Eminem's been a lot more active on social media over the past few months which has been great for his fans. This is probably the first time he's ever been this interactive with his fans. Although he's still trying to master the art of the selfie, he's still been sharing some insight to his life through the lens of his camera. Earlier today, Em took to Instagram to open up about the time Val Kilmer saw him naked.

Eminem's been in the entertainment business for over twenty years so it's safe to say he has his fair share of stories from his time. He took to Instagram today to speak on an interesting scenario that seemed to happened to him during an award show. He couldn't recall which exact year or award show it was but he said it was either the VMA's or MTV's Movie Awards in 2009 or 2010.

"My trailer was right next to 50's trailer. And I went to the back to go change for stage and as I'm taking off my underwear, I look across in 50's trailer, right even with me, is Val Kilmer sitting down like this in a chair." He said as he showed how Kilmer was sitting, "And I know he's looking at me and I know he looked away because he saw me lookin' at him. I know Val Kilmer saw me naked. I just had to get that off my chest."

Clearly, Em's been holding onto that story for a minute. Peep the full video below.