Eminem has never been a stranger to controversy, and the legendary emcee has no problem speaking with mind. In fact, Em has been putting politicians on blast for years now, having clowned both Hilary and Bill Clinton, along with George Bush, who basically got an entire song dedicated to him on 2004's Encore. " Now, Shady has set his sights on the current president, who may very well be the most divisive man to hold the position in, well, ever - Donald Trump. And to be honest, is anybody really surprised? 

At a recent concert in Glasgow, Em took a time out to address the audience, stating: “Scotland might have to be our new home because right now shit ain’t going so well in the States. I just wanna take this moment out right now and say motherfuck Donald Trump!" He then proceeds to slide into a rendition of "White America," made all the more powerful by his venomous preface. Eminem has previously took shots at Donald Trump during his seven minute lyrical extravaganza "Campaign Speech," and it wouldn't be surprising to see Em lyrically tackle the POTUS on his upcoming album, rumored to drop later this year. It would be equally unsurprising to see Donald Trump fire back at Em with a series of irate tweets.

It must also be noted that Em actually wore a "FACK TRUMP" shirt, making reference to one of his most brilliantly mad creations ever - "Fack." Still no word if he's ever performed that one in full, despite promising he would on "Shady XV."

Aside from the inflammatory Trump diss, the Glasgow concert seemed to be an eventful show, with Em busting out "Solider" for the first time since 2003. With a live band providing the instrumentation, Eminem played thirty three songs, including the aforementioned "Mosh." Em has been making news more frequently of late, and rumors of a first single have already begun to circulate. But does the rumored Pink feature go in line with what we want for the album

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