When he's not dropping surprise albums or practically ending Machine Gun Kelly's career, Eminem is busy producing an upcoming movie about the world of battle rap. It should be obvious to everybody that Em is one of the most skilled lyricists, honing in on one aspect of his rival and absolutely tearing them to shreds. He's done it time and time again, with MGK being his most recent victim. He's currently working on Bodied, a film that will follow a Berkeley grad student in his unlikely pursuit of winning some of the most heated battle rap segments. Today, Slim Shady shared the trailer for us all to get excited about.

Bodied is produced by the Detroit emcee and directed by Joseph Khan, who has worked with Em on some of his better music videos in the past. The preview shows Adam Merkin, played by Calum Worthy, going through the motions and accidentally participating in (and winning) his first-ever rap battle. He subsequently deals with the consequences of being a white man in the battle rap world, facing cultural appropriation accusations and not entirely fitting in. 

Eminem is a good choice to be producing this film considering his experience in the game. The movie looks pretty funny, dissecting Adam's journey to reach the top of the ladder. Bodied comes out November 2, 2018. Are you checking for it?