At this point, it's not even worth debating anymore. Eminem is the greatest of all time at taking selfies. The Kardashians can take a backseat because Slim Shady is doing things the right way these days. Ever since he took control of his own Twitter account in April, Em has been having some fun on his socials, flexing questionable selfie skills that may or may not be staged to poke fun at his own technological ineptitudes. It was only a matter of time before the legend uploaded his first-ever selfie from on stage and, as you would expect, it is as awkward and illustrious as you would expect.

During a recent performance in London, the "Rap God" took a quick photo of himself and the crowd and although the audience is clearly the focus of the image, Em's hood and left eye are the only things visible in the shot that belong to the artist. Of course, this isn't the first time Shady has gone and uploaded a nearly unrecognizable selfie. In fact, we're lucky it was posted to his proper page because, if it were anywhere else, it would be pretty impossible to realize Eminem was in the photo.

We look forward to whenever the next installment of Em's GOAT selfies will take place. This is becoming a trend we can definitely get behind.