Eminem and Jessie Reyez discovered electric musical chemistry, somewhere prior to last year's Kamikaze. The end result was a pair of intimate concoctions, the two-part tandem of "Nice Guy" and "Good Guy." The latter, which in some ways operates as Kamikaze's unofficial closer, was one of the few selections to earn the visual treatment. In true Em fashion, the "Good Guy" clip was a production to behold, with Jessie herself playing an integral role; the Canadian singer had a chance to flex some chops alongside Slim, himself no stranger to the dramatic.

Today, Em and Jessie took to Instagram to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the production. The kink factor is high, with both parties reflecting on a safety word (or lack thereof), before Jessie winds up for her big moment. One eager participant steps up to the plate, encouraging Jessie to make her slaps resonate, pulling nothing back. Jessie acquiesces, proving that her "pimp hand strong" in this instance. The man himself seems pleased, and Em can't help but watch it all unfold, dumbstruck.

Method acting is alive and well in the music video business. Would you take a slap from Jessie Reyez for the good of a production? Don't answer that.