In 2006, Eminem made a passionate case against apologies, on the aptly titled and excellent deep cut "No Apologies." However, the once self-proclaimed "king of controversy" has softened in recent years, leaving many to wonder if he'd suddenly begin showing remorse over his proudly offensive lyrics. Given the nature of today's climate, in which apologies tend to arise in clockwork fashion. When an unexpected pyrotechnic during his Bonnaroo set caused many festival-goer to panic in fear of gunfire, the ensuing backlash seemed an all-too familiar scenario; crowd scorned takes to Twitter for public venting, offending party pens apology. 

But not Eminem. Say what you will about him, but the legendary rapper remains a man of his word (except where matters of Relapse 2 are concerned, we're still waiting for that). It's still "No Apologies" to this day. Case in point, Em's disclaimer he played before kicking off his Firefly festival set. Before taking the stage, a screen illuminated the stage; the message is best imagined delivered in the voice of Eminem's "Public Service Announcement" guy:

"If you are easily frightened by loud noises or offended by loud noises, you shouldn't be here" - Eminem.

Simple, yet effective. The sentiment echoes the firm stance put forth by friend and manager Paul Rosenberg, which proves one thing. The Shady camp is not about to back down to the masses. If that offends you, go home.