Dr. Dre and Eminem spearheaded an era that to this day draws instant comparison for its breath of quality. Whether you refer to their in-studio partnership, or the bridges they built in the industry, fans from all generations can agree on the merit of their partnership.

Well to put things in perspective, Eminem just posted on Instagram a picture of him camped out in his socks with the caption "In the studio with Dre." Flatly described as a work in progress, Eminem is pictured scolding our gaze, as the screen behind displays Dr. Dre circa 2001 in his noted acting role in The Wash, where he plays the diligent assistant manager of a car wash alongside his lazy business partner played by Snoop Dogg.

Even as Dr Dre has intermittently taken breaks from recording, the two have remained very close friends even during moments of retreat from society. Whether or not Dre plays a part in the recording process, Eminem likes to send his friend his final draft for a definitive second pair of eyes. Eminem's latest album was executively produced by Dre and remains a focal point of discussion in hip hop circles. It'll be interesting to see where this latest visit takes Eminem on his journey.