While Eminem is an undeniable legend in the game, there has yet to be artist as meticulously nit-picked, criticized, and analyzed on a per-line basis. Case in point, his latest drop Revival was received mixed-to-negative reviews from fans, with many critics seeming to savor in tearing down one of hip-hop's best lyricists. It seemed as if the criticism got to Em, but rather than blaming himself like he did on "Walk On Water," he lashed out, turning in one of his best performances in recent memory - the "Chloraseptic Remix." If that wasn't enough reason for optimism, Slim was recently spotted in the studio with both Dr. Dre and Mike WiLL Made-It. Perhaps he's not quite finished with us yet.

Today, Billboard published an extensive cover story, in which they discuss a variety of topics. The piece gives a great insight into their relationship, like when Paul reflects on the time he and Em ran from gunshots at a Wu-Tang concert, or when Eminem put him onto Big Shaq's "Man's Not Hot." On their working relationship, Em praises Paul's honesty, stating "Paul always tells me what I don't want to hear. But I gotta respect it, because it's not an easy job. When there's things that I may go too far on, whatever it is, he's the guy who's there to give me the truth. Usually, when we put our heads together and we agree on something, that's when we feel that something's ready to come out." 

While the piece is worth a read for any Em fan, the most exciting piece of information arrives at the end. When asked about his plans for 2018, Eminem responds with a cryptic, yet promising teaser: "I don’t know what that answer is for me right now. I’m still in writer mode." Read the entire feature here.