It's common knowledge that Eminem uses his performer's mantle as the desired outlet for social commentary. As reported this past week, Eminem's appearance on Boogie's debut project saw him perform that very duty once again. In the instance of "Rainy Days" off Everything's For Sale, Eminem tackles issues like critical reception, and most notably, the controversy that arose from his homophobic slander on Kamikaze. Unfortunately, a fighter's mentality (and plenty of technique) alone wouldn't prevent a particular line in the song - from becoming well.. a veritable SNAFU. 

Within the opening two lines of Eminem's verse, he raps, "I left my legacy hurt? Fuckin' absurd like a shepherd havin' sex with his sheep, fuck what you heard," his better judgment a point of derision for the same critics he tries to address. And while Eminem's description of "sex with sheep" conceivably fits the bill, social media users were still left baffled by his uncouth manner of execution.

For example, Biggie communicated the same message of adulteration when he issued the "Ten Crack Commandments" in 1994: "never get high on your own supply" is just as poignant but less graphic. And it should be noted that Eminem's detractors are as vociferous as his supporters, and yet I get a sense the "sex with sheep" simile is far less defensible, even for the Stans of the World.