Whenever Eminem does, well, anything, you just know that his fans will lose their minds in quick fashion. The living legend from Detroit rarely announces new music but when he does, it's a great day for hip-hop fans. After cementing his legacy with tons of classic albums and memorable moments on the microphone, Eminem can comfortably hang up his boots and chill in his massive home for the rest of his life. Still, he feels the need to get some things off his chest once in a while, taking to the studio or social media to do so. The last time we speculated about new music from the superstar was when he tweeted what sounded like a threat. "People think they want this problem 'til they get it," he wrote a few weeks ago. Now, a mysterious upload on his YouTube profile has fans wondering just what the heck is happening.

We reported yesterday that a jazz instrumental titled "The Real Slim Shady" was added to his page on the popular video-sharing platform. Em doesn't actually appear on the song but his fans believe it could be part of a larger promotional scheme for his next album. "Eminem is a legend when it comes to hinting albums," wrote one fan in the comments. 

We remain hopeful that new music is on the way but since all the fan speculation began, the video was removed from his official page and re-uploaded under "PhilipJones16." It's very possible that this was just a glitch but given how inactive Em is regularly, his supporters aren't wrong in thinking this could be a sign. What do you think?