If you frequent many concerts during the year, you've almost undoubtedly encountered a show that was terribly disorganized. With venues and festival organizers beginning to seriously crack down on bag size and what you're allowed to bring with you, it can be pretty difficult to plan your night or weekend accordingly. Fans who frequented the Eminem show in London on Saturday night know what I'm talking about first-hand. 

Taking place at the Twickenham Stadium, fans left in awe of Eminem's performance. However, they may not have left with their belongings as the venue was reportedly so disorganized in the bag check area that people were "struggling to breathe" and getting "trampled." According to NME, many concertgoers were forced to leave their bags in the checked area because of new restrictions being enforced by the concert venue. Apparently, disgruntled employees ended up dumping the bags into a container for fans to find themselves, regardless of the ticketing process. 

One fan, Tom Rosher, told NME, "There was two security guards and you’re supposed to hand them your ticket to get your bag back. But they were shouting out ticket numbers and handing them to anyone who said it was theirs." Definitely not an ideal situation. According to eyewitnesses, people were struggling to breathe and pushing each other to get to the front of the line after noticing what was happening. The chaotic affair has been described as a "free-for-all," leaving fans waiting for over 2 and a half hours, missing their transport home and having their belongings stolen in some cases.

This is definitely an unfortunate end to an otherwise amazing evening. Read more here and let us know the worst concert experience you've ever had.