It's no secret that Eminem has one of the most loyal fanbases across all music genres. The legendary Detroit emcee has had a storied career and, throughout it all, his supporters have been there to back him up.

Em is well aware of how his fans can get, releasing the song "Stan" back in 2000. Twenty years later, his fans are still achieving outrageous feats to show their love to the 47-year-old, with one woman recently breaking a record with the number of tattoos she has of Em's face.

While Nikki Patterson didn't incessantly write the rapper letters and copy his every move like the infamous "Stan", the 35-year-old woman from Aberdeen, Scotland has done something even more extreme, breaking the Guinness World Record for having the highest number of tattoos depicting the same musician on her body.

The woman, who goes by @crazyeminemlady on Instagram, has seen the rapper perform live seven times and has been so inspired by his story that she decided to dedicate most of her body to him. In a new feature from Inked Magazine, she showed off her twenty-eight tattoos of the rapper, with sixteen showing his face. 

She broke the Guinness World Record just prior to the pandemic, getting her latest Em tattoo in March. 

"The portraits began three years ago, and I loved everything about them," said Nikki to the BBC. "I adored them and had to get more. He's been the one constant in my life, and I have seen him perform live."

This is dedication to the next degree.

Would you ever get this many tattoos of your favorite artist?