Eminem's social media accounts have been buzzing today, at least by his standards. The legendary rapper just posted a visual teaser on his Instagram account, ostensibly promoting the fifteenth anniversary of The Eminem Show. Many (including myself) consider The Eminem Show to be Em's definitive work, as well as his most personal and artistically proficient. And while Em did claim to have retired "Cleaning Out My Closet," it plays a big part of this ambiguous teaser.


As far as this teaser goes, we're not really sure what to expect. The caption promises that something is coming soon, but as of now, the link in the bio does not appear to be yielding any results except for an early sign up for an "anniversary capsule."

What do ya'll think is coming? Imagine the possibilities. An "Eminem Show 2" announcement? A CDQ drop of the track from "The Kiss" skit? I think it's safe to say that any TES era unreleased music would be an Eminem fan's dream, but there's a very strong chance the announcement will be some album-specific merch. Still, it's always nice to dream.