Eminem is not a bad person to look up to if your life goal is to become a rap superstar. The Detroit legend broke down walls and is one of the best lyricists to ever pick up a microphone. He's loved worldwide, recently setting attendance records at his Australia shows after re-releasing an expanded version of The Slim Shady LP. The project really kicked off Shady's success in the mainstream and it was only right to include a few extra songs on its twentieth anniversary. It was an exciting moment for fans to see a new version of the album on streaming services and Eminem is still hyped up about it all, posting a photo of a giant billboard promoting the news in New York City and quoting his own lyrics in the caption.

"Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me?" asks Em, remembering his track "Role Model." The billboard shows an old photo of Marshall while promoting the 1999 project. Part of the post can be read as the rapper bragging about his success while the other half just has him reminiscing on an album was turned out to be a huge deal for him. 

Were you a fan of the re-issue last week? Are you hoping for more anniversary editions of Eminem albums?