Eminem's distaste for Relapse has become an open point of conversation. From bashing it in interviews to disavowing it on some of his more recent albums, it's safe to say that Em's sixth album is far from his favorite body of work. Yet many fans have come to garner a newfound sense of Relapse appreciation in recent years, imbuing the project with a certain cultish charm. Whether or not Em himself is moved by the newfound love remains to be seen, but those holding out on a vain, fool's hope for the long-shelved Relapse 2 might hold on a little while longer.

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Yesterday, Em himself took to Instagram to acknowledge the album's legacy, inviting fans to "Crack A Bottle," revisit the eerie introduction of "3 AM," and cop a limited edition Relapse sweater. The design harkens back to Relapse's original marketing, which features a prescription button from the trusted pharmaceutical specialist Dr. Dre, and his Big Pharma conglomerate "Aftermath Drugs."

Check it out for yourself, and sound off - have you been bumping Relapse lately? Is Relapse Eminem's most underrated body of work? We certainly think so - read our thoughts right here.