Regular people who voted for Trump and also happen to be Eminem stans might do a double take when they hear the veteran emcee rip the new establishment to shreds. Marshall Mathers picks up where he left off on "Campaign Speech" and calls President Donald Trump "A BITCH" on Big Sean's new banger "No Favors." 

“I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando. Your man don’t want it, Trump’s A BITCH. I’ll make his whole brand go under,” Em spits on the irreverent track. But the Celebrity-in-Chief isn't the only big name neocon Shady demolishes on "No Favors."

He also "fucks" Ann Coulter with a variety of instruments ranging from a Klan poster to a piano. The white rapper gets involved in the Black Lives Matter debate, clearly stating which side he's on. 

"Go ham donut or go Rambo, gotta make an example of her. That's for Sandra Bland, ho, and Philando," he spits referencing African Americans casualties of police brutality.

Big Sean thanked Eminem for his scene-stealing verse on his album. The younger Detroit emcee's new album I Decided dropped Friday.

No word yet on whether Trump will use his tiny Twitter fingers for a comeback diss at the blond rapper.