For the longest time, Eminem and Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian found themselves at odds. A conflict that fans are well familiar with at this point, the origins of it need little rehashing. Rest assured that both parties did not seem to care for one another, and they made that abundantly clear through various interviews and barbs on wax. And while it seemed unlikely that the sparring partners would ever find common ground, it would appear that the diplomatic mediation of Royce Da 5'9" has gone on to work wonders. 
 Eminem Lord Jamar

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Following his own misunderstanding-fuelled conflict with Jamar, Nickle recently connected with the Godcast host, as well as co-hosts Rah Digga and Godfrey to clear the air and find some common ground. Evidently, their conversation proved to be a healthy and enlightening one, and in the climactic moments, Jamar took a moment to address the elephant in the room. "For the record, now that all this Vlad shit is done," says Jamar, "tell your boy Marshall, you know -- we good."

Royce can't help but smile at the revelation. "He'll like to hear that," says Royce, chuckling. "Remember, I was telling you last we spoke, he told me to tell you 'what up.' But he especially told me to tell the Queen what up. He said 'yeah man, tell him I said I'm off that, man.' And he was also like 'yo, you're going to go see Rah?! Tell her what up!' He's like a little kid, man. Same little kid from back when." Clearly, Em holds Rah Digga's emcee skills in high esteem -- lest we forget that she was once associated with The Outsidaz, a crew with whom Em used to roll back in the day. 

Check out the clip below, and show some love to Eminem and Lord Jamar for stepping up and moving past their differences.