If horror movies have taught us anything, it's that sometimes things oughta stay dead. Despite that, those very things we fear most always end up coming back in one form or another. Eminem fans thought Ken Kaniff died back on 2013's Marshall Mathers LP 2 bonus track "Wicked Ways." Yet during the recent interview between Em and his longtime friend Lil Wayne that took place on Friday night's Young Money Radio, Ken Kaniff resurfaced alive and well, his voice unchanged -- as was his propensity for letting off perverse groans.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

In many ways, it's Wayne himself that's to blame for the development. "Is Ken Kaniff still alive?" asks Wayne, digging deep for the important questions. After a moment of silence, Em fires off one of Ken's signature moans, sending Wayne into a fit of hysterical laughter. Before long, Em joins in, clearly amused at Wayne's appreciation of his diabolical creation.

"Ah man, I forgot about Ken!" admits Em. "Where Ken at? I forgot about Ken. I didn't mean to forget about Ken. I gotta bring him back." "For real man," replies Wayne. "Tell that n***a Ken I say what up."

So there you have it -- if Em's next album has a "Ken Kaniff" skit, you can thank Lil Wayne for bringing the notorious deviant out of his hidey-hole and back into the public eye. Still, you've gotta hand it to Weezy. It takes a genuine fan to request the presence of Ken Kaniff by name.  Check out the hilarious moment below, and sound off -- do you think Eminem should bring his old pal back into the fold?