Eminem felt like taking the piss with his famous hip hop friends Mr. Porter, Alchemist, and Royce Da 5'9 who was burried somewhere in the background. Eminem filmed himself and his entourage delivering their "Dos and Don't's of Hip Hop," a limerick that begins a little like this:

If you have an emergency, it cannot be with an urgency, and if it is with an urgency and you're rushed to emergency surgery you cannot be burned in 3rd degree. and if you're going to murder me it cannot be like you never heard of me."

From there the crock pot of idea gets even more infantile. Eminem then states: "If you want to be a pimp, you cannot have a limp," and "You cannot be a mobster and eat lobster" before passing off to Mr. Porter who dials up a dad joke of his own.

"For anybody that want to start a war and you want to drop a bomb, it cannot be on Vietnam," says Mr. Porter as the mumbled chatter grew louder. At the halfway mark of the Instagram video it sort of became a free-for-all so if you're curious as to how they worded their final proverbs, pay witness to this here: