In December, Eminem dropped what has gone on to become his most divisive album Revival. Featuring a more pop-friendly, polished sound than usual, Em's latest caught many off guard; as he pointed out on the excellent "Chloraseptic Remix," fans proceeded to throw a fit upon seeing the tracklist, which featured artists like Beyonce, Kehlani, Pink, and Ed Sheeran. His song with the latter, "River," ultimately went on to be Revival's third official single, following up the politically charged "Untouchable." Reminiscent of his Recovery hit "Love The Way You Life," "River" finds Eminem reflecting on a tumultuous relationship, backed by the vocals of English singer Ed Sheeran, who handles the chorus. 

Now, it would appear that the pair are teaming up to bring out some "River" visuals. While both artists are among the game's biggest names, it seems as if they're actually both present for this one, which is a testament to the track's potential commercial scope. As of now, "River" currently sits at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, a step up from last week's 45, and an upcoming video will no doubt provide a sizable boost. 

In December, Ed Sheeran spoke about how "River" came to be. I got an email from Paul Rosenberg—Eminem’s manager—and he says, ‘We’re gonna start putting the album together. Send in any ideas," says Sheeran, before revealing how his homie Emile broke the news. “My mate Emile, who produces a lot for Eminem is like, ‘Oh, I’ve done some drums and stuff on the “River” song that you wrote." There's no word on when the video will drop, but it should be sooner rather than later.