There are no bigger names to come out of Detroit rap than Eminem. Having been in the game for several decades, Em has gone from ambitious upstart to musical legend and he's still going. Eminem dropped Revival late last year and his collaborators have already been hinting at new music. Particularly, Big Sean was very clear to a fan in the Instagram comments section that he has some work with Em that is yet to be released, and he's absolutely open to working with him further.

Sean is another rhymer at the top of Detroit's scene, so it is only right that he hooks up with Shady to create some new 313 anthems. That's exactly what Sean is alluding to in his most recent Instagram post, posting a shot of him and Eminem from last weekend's iHeartRadio Music Awards, showing his admiration for their joint hometown in the caption. The real action comes in the comments section, however, as a fan urged the two of them to collaborate again like on the I Decided track "No Favors." Sean Don took a moment out of the day to assure the supporter that they do, indeed, have music on the way. "We got a couple already but more never hurt," Sean replied.

The prospect of more music from Detroit's finest is exciting. We already know Big Sean is scheduled to have an immense 2018, delaying his tour in lieu of studio time and spending a lot of his time collaborating with other artists. From the sounds of it, his next album could be home to some new Em collabs.