Eminem, that one time: "I am whatever you say I am." Well, Ed Sheeran says he's a means of overcoming a speech impediment.

During the May 7th episode of Desert Island Discs on BBC 4 on the UK, Sheeran admitted to imitating Eminem's rapping to help him vanquish his stammer when he was younger. Said Sheeran of The Marshall Mathers LP, "My parents didn't know the content of the album, and I must have been 9 when it came out, and when you're 9 and someone is saying rude stuff, you wanna learn it."

He went on to say that, since Eminem raps at such a breakneck pace, his stammer would go when he rapped along to the record. He has since showcased his love for rap during live performances, singing tracks like "No Diggity" and "The Next Episode." Just think: we might not have had the soulful Brit in our lives had it not been for Slim Shady. Teenage girls did rejoice.