Eman Get Dough Drag Races Cop Car In "Digital Dash" Music Video

June 20, 2018 18:30

The cop car couldn't keep up.

The quintessential rap video isn't complete without flashy cars, however, we don't always witness the rides in motion. Eman offers us the action in his new music video for " Digital Dash." The rapper is seen sitting in his black Ferrari, chilling. The police take notice (as usual), and decide to pursue him (as usual). Eman takes off, initiating a high-speed chase. Essentially, the video demonstrates what not to do in the real world when faced with this situation. The possibility of a Rodney King-type episode is always imminent, which explains the heat in your chest you might feel when the cop car first appears onscreen. It gets interesting though. Spoiler alert: Eman makes it out alive. The explosives are quite satisfactory, too. You'll see. Then, we return to the usual flexing. Eman steps out of the car beneath an overpass. He grooves while showing off his ice. Even takes a moment for his kicks. Check it.


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