Elon Musk is living through a highly-publicized low in his life. He opened up to New York Times about his situation saying that “this past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career." Tesla's stock has been declining ever since this interview was published. It took a steep fall that also coincided with the publication of scandals which involved the mogul, his girlfriend Grimes and Azealia Banks.

As the decline continues, some are wondering if Tesla could benefit from Elon Musk's removal as CEO. Jim Cramer, a financial expert and television personality tweeted in favor of Musk's stepping down at least temporarily.

"the safest this for musk right now is a medical leave."

Although the entrepreneur isn't planning on leaving the company as its CEO, he has also commented on the matter.

"...if you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know. They can have the job. Is there someone who can do the job better? They can have the reigns right now."

The current CEO might also face penalties from the SEC due to social media. Elon Musk had tweeted potentially misleading information about the companies' stock only days before its decline in value.