During last night's Met Gala, Elon Musk arrived on the red carpet with Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Grimes, effectively confirming that the two are romantically involved. Sources have recently hinted at a potential relationship between the technological innovator and the avant-pop musician, but that tabloid fodder proved to true during Monday evening's fashion extravaganza.

The two reportedly met online about a month ago, after Musk, 46, planned on posting a tweet that Grimes, 30, had already shared on the site. The exact contents of that fateful tweet deal with the blending of futuristic Artificial Intelligence and 18th century decorative styling known as Rococo. 

Naturally, Musk reached out to the "Flesh Without Blood" singer in response to their similar cerebral wavelength. However, the Tesla inventor has already established an affinity for Grimes, as he previously tweeted out a positive response to his lady love's "Venus Fly" music video, deeming it the best "music video art I've seen in a while."

Grimes most recently released her acclaimed avant-pop maifesto Art Angels in 2015, after climbing into the upper echelons of the indie music sphere with her distinct aural stylings. 

While Musk and Grimes may appear to be from divergent universes, their love for experimentation, refuting established tropes, and Artificial Intelligence have manifested in an unlikely new power couple.