After Elliot Page announced he was transgender a year ago today (Dec. 1, 2020), he has received an overwhelming amount of support from his peers in the entertainment industry. So much so, that he issued a thank you Instagram post to his supporters a few weeks later: "From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your love and support has been the greatest gift. Stay safe. Be there for each other. If you are able, support @transanta and @translifeline. See you in 2021 Xoxo Elliot."

Earlier in his career, when he still identified as a woman, Elliot portrayed beloved characters in hit movies Juno (2007) and Inception (2010). Now, as Elliot looks for more roles in the future and adjusts to his life after coming out as transgender, he appears confident in his look.

In March, he graced the cover of Time Magazine's March/April issue, as he revealed he had top surgery and feels confident when he looks in the mirror now: "I'm fully who I am."

It appears Elliot still holds that sentiment, as he posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram on Sunday (Nov. 28). He appears to be in great shape, captioning to photo humorously: "Oh good my new phone works."

The post garnered a ton of supporting comments from peers like MJ Rodriguez, Awkwafina, Julianne Moore and many others. It's nice to see Elliot joyfully embracing who he is.

Check out Elliot Page's post below.