Ellen continues her streak of generosity with one of her latest guests: her friend, Jimmy Kimmel. When the late-night talk show host appeared on The Ellen Show, Ellen thanked him for using his platform for the betterment of society. After his son was born with a heart disease, he rallied viewers to donate money to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles to help those in need. He's also pointed attention to tragedies through his opening monologues. Ellen wanted to surprise Kimmel and commemorate his efforts by getting a room named after his son, Billy.

During these heart-wrenching moments, Jimmy's been known to become overwhelmed with emotion. When he announced the circumstances surrounding his son's birth, he walked the audience – and viewers online – through the unfortunate events. As Ellen shared the news that a room on the Heart Institute floor of Children's Hospital LA was named after Billy, you can see him getting teary-eyed. The late-night host was speechless, repeatedly uttering "wow", as he held back the waterworks.

In the interview prior to Ellen's big announcement, Kimmel called himself a crier. He recalled a story as a wedding DJ where he had an awkward, emotional moment. "In the time since we planned the wedding and the day the wedding happened, the groom's mother has passed away" Kimmel shared, "which no one told me." Kimmel was also a crier back then, and had wedding-goers comfort him instead.