If there's anyone that can troll the former First Lady Michelle Obama, and get away with it, it's Ellen DeGeneres. The two have formed quite the bond over the last few years and Ellen is even mentioned in Michelle's new memoir, Becoming. So when Michelle hit up Costco to do a book signing for fans, Ellen tagged along and injected her humour in every situation possible. 

In the clip below, you can see Ellen really signing Michelle's books for her, and at one point even whips out her own memoir. Ellen then gets a keyboard and starts distracting Michelle by singing a song with lyrics like: "Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama wrote a book. She mentions Oprah [Winfrey] several times and me only once!”

Once the two friends headed back to Ellen's studio, the talk show host debuted a reel that highlighted all the things Michelle worked on and advocated for during her time as the First Lady. It brought tears to Michelle's eyes and even garnered a standing ovation by Ellen and the audience.