At this point, when you see Elizabeth Hurley's name in the news, it's probably because she took a trip to the beach and wowed everybody with her incredible physique. For months, audiences have been confused about how the actress still looks so great at 53-years-old. Each new bikini photo is more astounding than the last. Men and women wish they can retain their good looks as they grow older but reality often settles in and you wake up with a big belly, stretch marks and no hair on your head. That's a fact for most people. With Elizabeth Hurley, time seemingly stopped somewhere in her timeline because the star has just returned with a flurry of new shots in her bathing suit, reminding us all that she's still got it.

The 53-year-old posed in her teal bikini, not looking a day over the age of thirty. In another video posted to her page, she stood inside the pool, letting the water drip onto her body and smiling big the entire time. Finally, she rocked a pink one-piece while on vacation, taking in the sun and shining brightly for her fans to marvel over.

It's insane to take into the account the fact that Hurley has been living for over half a century and she still looks this good. Whatever fountain of youth she's been drinking from is working wonders.