Eli Sostre - Not Right Now

  August 22, 2017 11:26
Not Right Now
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Eli Sostre delivers a Hennessy-fueled banger.

Late in July, Brooklyn RnB singer slash rapper Eli Sostre dropped his underrated mixtape Sleep Is For The Weakwhich was quickly certified VERY HOTTTT by our users. Now, Sostre has teamed up with hip-hop's unofficial liquor of choice, the tried and true Hennessy, in order to deliver a new banger. With four producers behind the boards, including Vinlyz, Allen Ritter, Oz, and frequent collaborator Soriano, it's no surprise that the beat is an ominous, hypnotic highlight.

While Sostre has primarily been occupying the RnB end of the spectrum, he slides over the instrumental with a rapper's sensibilities. The swagger is on high, and Sostre paints a picture of his lavish, hedonistic lifestyle, filled with liquor, weed and beautiful models. You can really hear the four producers at work as the beat progresses, and the arrangement makes a notable change around the halfway mark. Strange, reverb-laden synths provide an interesting vibe, that evolve to include a g-funk inspired climax. What begins as a somewhat straightforward, albeit dope track, evolves into something more musically daring. 

Despite his tendency to make a grand entrance, Sostre has no interest in popping up on your Facebook or Instagram feeds. "Ain't no pictures, please put down your fuckin' phone," he croons, firm yet polite in his demands. The man came with a few clear goals in mind - getting drunk and stoned. It's in your best interest to let him live.

If you haven't yet given Eli Sostre a chance, perhaps now is the time. With a Hennessy endorsement under his belt, the singer seems poised for some big moves to pop off, so you might as well dive into his back catalog. If you enjoy strong vocals with atmospheric, eerie production, his music may very well be up your alley. 

Quotable Lyrics

Mama know I been through hell
Pretty bitches with me smellin' like Chanel
Know they hatin' from the crib, oh I can tell
Say they made me but I did it by myself

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