Eli Manning is a legend when it comes to New York sports as he helped the Giants win two Super Bowls and even beat Tom Brady twice. While his defense carried him to those two championships, there is no denying that Manning means a lot to that franchise as a whole. Unfortunately, Eli has been less than elite over the last few seasons and at times, he has been one of the bottom ten QBs in the entire league. He struggles to find his receivers on a consistent basis and things have started to go south with the blue, red, and white.

Despite all of this, it was still surprising when the Giants revealed on Tuesday that they would be benching Manning in favor of rookie Daniel Jones. Jones was taken with the sixth overall pick in this year's draft, a decision which had the entire fanbase up in arms. Today, Manning spoke to the media about the decision and as you can see, he's at peace with it.


Manning appears to be committed to showing Jones the ropes and helping the team any way he can from the sidelines. This speaks to how good of a teammate Manning really is, despite him never being in a position like this before.

Some feel as though his time as a starter is up although it remains to be seen if Jones can play better than his predecessor.