Patrice Monroe, an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, is going viral today because she's a good looking woman and some parents/internet trolls are growing concerned over the way she dresses. 

Monroe has posted numerous #workflow fit pics on her instagram account, some of which accentuate her curves, but none of them should be deemed "unprofessional"- It's just the way she's built. That said, ever since going viral for being dubbed "the hottest teacher in America," haters have come out of the woodwork, taking exception with the way her clothes fit. 

For instance, one bitter twitterer said, “Who wears a body con to teach CHILDREN??!!??? Wtf?! I just feel like the dress is too tight for a teacher.” Another added, “This teacher and this bodycon dress…my child would not be attending her class..idc idc idc.”

But for every few haters, there seems to be hundred of more supporters for Ms. Monroe. Her IG account has already been built up to 66k and counting, and the comments she's receiving look to be mostly positive.