An Australian couple left shaken upon receiving an unexpected package with interesting content. According to CNN, the elderly couple unassumingly signed for a package which they later found contained $10 million dollars ($7 million dollars US) worth of methamphetamine. The police confirm the package was sent by accident. "They asked each other if they had ordered anything, and it was quite clear that they hadn't," added a senior detective, Sergeant Matthew Kershaw. 

Residing on the outskirts of Melbourne, the couple immediately contacted the authorities upon discovering the parcel's content. Countless bags of a white substance clearly indicated the presence of an illegal drug. Once the police arrived, they counted a total of 20 kilograms of meth. The stated amount only emphasizing the magnitude of the mistake. Kershaw describes the ordeal as "quite incredible to comprehend that someone could be that sloppy." In consideration of the expected profit the package would have been, the senior detective reckons: "That's 800,000 hits off the street that we've intercepted yesterday which is quite significant."

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Shortly after the incident, a 21-year old suspect was arrested in a neighboring town. Another 20 kilograms of meth were found at his address which led to his immediate address. Zhiling Ma was since charged with trafficking and importing a large quantity of illegal drugs, based on reports by CNN-affiliates Nine News reports.