New music from Run The Jewels is always welcomed. Although rumors of RTJ4 have circulated backpacker forums across the web, it appears as though we'll be getting a new project from El-P and Killer Mike in the very close future. El-P recently hit Twitter to share a quick update on the project including how many songs will be on the project, as well as its run-time. "i can also say at this point RTJ4 is about 11 jams, it’s under 40 minutes and not a second is wasted ; ). hopefully that helps tide the curious over for a minute while we finish up. big thanks to everyone waiting," El-P tweeted.

Right before that, he revealed that the project is actually quite far along. If you were expecting another holiday release from RTJ, that won't be happening but there is a good chance it'll arrive at the top of the new year. "very far along but not mixed/done yet plus gotta clear samples and shit so prolly out earlyish next year realistically," he said. "the good news is it’s hard as fuck."

We're eager to hear what they have up their sleeves, especially in today's social climate. It's been roughly three years since the release of RTJ3 and there's no doubt that El-P and Killer Mike's humor and social commentary on the world is needed right now.